Rent-a-car Service Package
Transmission: MANUAL (MT)
Engine Size: 2953cc
Capacity: 30 Persons
Car type: COASTER
Colors: WHITE
Fuel Capacity: 107L
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DRIVER CONTROLS COMMAND FOR THE ROAD From a handy folding shift lever that eases entry to the driver’s seat, to a combination of intuitive controls and conveniences that help the driver remain comfortable while staying in complete command, the Nissan Civilian is as satisfying for drivers as it is for passengers. EXTENSIVE CARGO CAPACITY A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING While the Civilian excels at driving passengers in luxury and comfort, it also excels at bringing along all of their things. From rear boot and top deck stowage areas, to an available refrigerator that keeps your cool things cool, the Civilian handles any cargo with ease. HASSLE-FREE LOADING With an interior light and a high-opening lid, the luggage compartment makes loading and unloading easier. Gas stays that keep the lid in place and ensure it opens and closes with ease are an added touch. ENHANCED ACCESS PASSENGER FRIENDLY With a choice of automatic folding or sliding doors, an available auto-slide step, and entrance steps that are spaced for easy climbing, the Civilian makes getting inside easier for your passengers. And with optional rear swing doors, adding luggage becomes a breeze as well. AUTO FOLDING/SLIDING DOOR Greet every passenger with the convenience of automatic opening and closing doors. Higher trim levels such as GL and SV models come standard with auto sliding doors, while lower trims and school bus models come standard with auto-folding doors. DEDICATED TO SAFETY A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH From cameras that provide multiple views around the vehicle, to active and passive safety features that help the driver maintain control in the event of an emergency, the Civilian employs a comprehensive approach to safety that helps ensure everyone onboard reaches their destination securely. HALOGEN HEADLAMPS Halogen headlamps are standard on all models, while halogen fog lamps come standard on the GL. Together, they increase visibility at night and during inclement weather.