Rent-a-car Service Package
Transmission: Automatic (AT)
Engine Size: 2442cc
Capacity: 7 Persons
Car type: SUV
Fuel Capacity: 88L
Need to rent a car?
Outstanding performance on and off road The Montero Sport is an SUV that is unashamedly fun to drive. It offers high speed stability and maneuverability, and can tackle any terrain thanks to an advanced 4WD system. Refined High Quality Design The Montero Sport has a strong, streamlined face, deep, protective front and rear bumpers and side bumpers that are flush to the body. The overall look is advanced, reassuringly tough and every inch the luxurious SUV. Luxurious Cabin with Advanced Technology Inside the Montero Sport, you’ll find a beautifully crafted cabin that seats up to seven adults. We’ve added many on-board technologies to make your drive more comfortable, you won't want the journey to end. Intelligent Safety Features The Montero Sport comes with a host of intelligent features that takes passenger and driver safety way beyond what many other automobile manufacturers offer Convenience right at your fingertips Download the Mitsubishi Remote Control app onto your smartphone. The app allows you to open the tailgate remotely. It also allows you to close, lock or find your vehicle if you've left it in a busy car park, and the app will even notify you if anything is left on or open. Open the tailgate with just a kick Ever been shopping and got back to your car with your hands full of bags? We have too. That’s why the Montero Sport has automatic tailgate opening. As long as you’ve got the keys on you, all you have to do is make a little kicking motion under the rear of the vehicle to trigger the sensor and the tailgate opens.