Rent-a-car Service Package
Transmission: MANUAL (MT)
Engine Size: 2200 cc
Capacity: 13 Persons
Car type: VAN
Colors: WHITE
Fuel Capacity: 55L
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Know more about MITSUBISHI L300
The powerful 2.2 liter (Euro-4-compliant) engine provides 40% more torque and pulling power. So you can take on the toughest roads and feel confident the L300 will get you to your destination. This utility vehicle comes in at just 4440 mm long, so it’s ideal where parking space is a problem. The increased cab height gives you more visibility and a commanding view of the road ahead. Climb inside the cab and you won’t be disappointed. Dual air conditioning keeps you cool on those long journeys and the adaptable cargo area can handle a massive 1215Kg payload. At Mitsubishi Motors, driver and passenger safety is always of paramount importance. So we’ve given the L300 a stronger, safer chassis. 2.2L 16 Valve DOHC (4N14) with Turbocharged - Intercooler System (Euro 4) Front Suspension: Independent Wishbone and Coil Spring Rear Suspension: Semi-Elliptic Leaf Spring