Established in 1992 and located in the heart of the City of Manila’s tourist belt Ermita, EC International Travel & Tours Inc. (ECITTI) is a wholly-owned Filipino firm. Since its founding, ECITTI offers complete line travel solutions for local and foreign travelers, such as airline ticketing, hotel and resort reservations, passport and visa assistance, among others. ECITTI also operates a tour agency for air, land, sea transportations and provides travel and other services for inbound and outbound passengers. It is Experience and skilled staff guarantees the reliability and good quality of its services, as we say “You Can Travel Easy with EC Travel.”
"In line with the government effort to promote and develop the tourism industry in the country, ECITTI intends to take advantage of this current trend and venture to expand its operation in the relative foreign exchange and remittance business. ECITTI clearly understands the need for convenience and availability of cash money in this part of the city, frequented by foreign tourists/businessmen, merchants, OFW, and seafarers. "
The prompt delivery of money transfer/remittance and one-stop conversion of foreign exchange to local currency will no doubt facilitate the ease of doing business in the nearby malls, hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Hence, we at ECITTI put in a lot of value on these monetary services and are dedicated to capturing these market opportunities thereby, look forward to augmenting our revenue in the travel and tour business.


TRANSWORLD MEDIA, INC., a domestic advertising, and large format printing firm on infrastructure and urban development projects expanded its operations into an international travel and tour venture. Acquired 20 years of experience, it transforms into a domestic company, the EC INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL, AND TOURS, INC. (ECITTI).

Since its inception in 1992, ECITTI has manifested the capacity to mobilize its assets, entrepreneur drive, commitment to excellence, and its capacity for growth and expansion in the field of travel and tours. ECITTI's corporate mission is to encompass a resolute commitment to future advancement in the business of full-service online travel agency. To achieve this, ECITTI aims to provide excellent customer service in order to better serve our clients in the ever-changing travel environment.